Online check-in

Online Check-in
A welcoming experience of a special kind

A successful mix of personal warmth and new technology: our hotel offers you a maximum of freedom, so you can feel completely at ease. You will be welcomed by one of our employees at the reception, who, as a thoughtful host, will attend to your needs. In the meantime, you simply and quickly check yourself in, if you wish, assisted by our staff – without any waiting or the usual formalities. And at the same time, this spares you from having to check out: since you pay already on the day of arrival, you can start the new day relaxed.

You can check yourself in, before you are in our hotel: a couple of days before your arrival date, you will receive our check-in link to fill out your personal information. 

No need to check out: just drop your key in the box, we will send you an E-mail with your invoice directly after.