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Trafo Market and Breakfast
We are 24 hours here for you!


Whether hot or cold beverage or sweet or salty snacks – you find the perfect refreshment for a powerful day or a cozy evening in our market.

Enjoy a cold beer or a light red wine for the after-work hours!

A business or a delighted breakfast in Baden

A lovely breakfast buffet for every taste in the Trafo hotel

You will find a table from Monday until Sunday in our Lobby to enjoy the suitable breakfast for a good start to the day.
Whether as a business guest real quick and nutritious or take it easy as a leisure guest – the market is open daily from 06:00-10:00 o’clock, on the weekend from 06:00-11:00 o’clock. 

Fitness snack or sinfully delicious?

- Various pastry like different bread from Beck Arnet
- Jelly, honey, cream cheese
-Agave nectar and peanut butter
- Fresh fruits, diverse nuts and sultanas
-Planed almonds, coconut rasps, chia seeds and flaxseeds
- Tasty sliced cheese and meat from Köfferli
- "Bircher" muesli, different yogurts
- Fried grated potatoes slices, scrambled eggs
- Coffee from Graff Kaffee
- Tea, multivitamin and orange juice

You are not a hotel guest? You are also welcome, and you can eat breakfast for only 12.- CHF.