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Trafo Market and Breakfast

24h there for you!

Whether hot or cold drinks, pastries or salty and sweet snacks - in the Market you will find refreshment for an energetic day or a cozy end.

At the end of the day you can enjoy a cool beer or a chilled red wine.

Business breakfast or extended feasting in Baden

Hearty breakfast buffet for every taste at the Trafo Hotel

From Monaday to Sunday, you are guaranteed to find the right breakfast ofer for an enjoyable start in the day at the Trfao Market in our Lobby.
Whether as a business guest quick and nutritious or as a leisure visitor extended and varied - the Market will have the right breakfast for your every day.
Mon-Fri from 06:00-10:00 and Sat-Sun from 06:00-11:00.

Fitness snack or rather sinfully delicious?

- Various pastries such as croissants, rolls and Zopf from Beck Arnet
- jams, honey, cream cheese
-dried fruits, fresh fruits and various kinds of nuts
- delicious cheese and ham cold cuts from Köfferli
- roasted and scrambled eggs
- Birchermüsli, numerous kinds of yoghurt
-jams, honey, cream cheese
- Coffee from Graff Coffee
-tea, multivitamin and orange juice
External guests are also welcome at an unbeatable price of CHF 15.